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Xavier Perret

Directeur artistique, Magicien close-up, Acteur(trice), Autre - Créateur (Audiovisuel / Cinéma), Photographe , Monaco


Xavier Perret (né le 8 Septembre 1972) est un médecin français, photographe, réalisateur, magicien et acteur.
Il réalise de nombreuses expositions et événements à Monaco à chaque fois inaugurées par le Prince Albert II.

Xavier Perret est notamment l'auteur et réalisateur du très surprenant spectacle en lumières des squelettes du musée océanographique de Monaco qui se joue à chaque heure de la journée.

Le travail de Perret explore les relations étroites entre la vie, la magie et le cinéma.

Xavier Perret est parfaitement bilingue Anglais-Français.


-chaîne de magie YouTube: plus de 110 courts métrages, plus de 100.000 abonnés; plus de 10 millions de vues, récompensé par Google par le "Silver Play Button".
-Expositions photos: "En plein cœur" (Monaco), L'impératrice Eugénie, (Roquebrune Cap Martin), "Garce à la lumière - Grace Kelly" (Monaco), "Fleur de Prince" (Monaco)
-Spectacle en Lumière de squelettes: "Le Cœur de l'Océan" (Musée Océanographique de Monaco)
-Spectacle de Magie pour le Prince Albert II de Monaco


Xavier Perret - Doctor, Photographer, Director, Magician and actor. Truly, a 21st Century renaissance man. Born in France in 1972, Dr. Xavier Perret grew up in Ohio and Georgia. At the young age of 10, Xavier became part of a prestigious magic circle. Ever since, the art of magic has played a prominent role in his life.

While his school friends enjoyed their days playing football, Xavier became interested in anatomy, dedicating himself to himself to the study. When not immersed in his skills as a magician, Xavier was perfecting his drawings of bones.

Taking a film class in 1992, he fell in love with cinematography. He approached his adoration and fascination of the art first with photography and lighting. Xavier’s unique view through the camera and flawless essence shines through his work in a multifaceted display of breathtaking pulchritude.

By 1993, he was attending the Lyon School of Medicine. During this period, Xavier combined medicine, magic, photography and film, bringing to light his motto, “Life is magic” and “Add magic to your life”. Xavier’s work explores the relationship between photography and motion pictures, bringing forth the radiance and his love of magic.

By 2002, he took on the significant role of Physician of Internal Medicine, Hematology and Oncology. As habitual, Xavier continued to heal through his multitude of talents and knowledge.

Nine short years later, Dr. Perret created a Youtube channel dedicated to his love for film, which features the art of conjuring, his love for family, life and light. Xavier was recently awarded by Youtube for surpassing 100,000 subscribers.

By 2014, Xavier created the “Live Skeleton Light Show” in Monaco. Dr. Perret produces a large amount creative material, even at various times a contract photographer for the renowned Oceanographic Museum of Monaco. Prince Albert II of Monaco has been quoted of saying he was moved by Dr. Perret’s work.

A year later, Xavier was approached by screenwriter Vance Savage to play the lead role of magician Abraxus Blaque in the film ABRACADAVER. He was chosen for the role for being a king of wizardry and illusions as well as the consummate gentleman Mr. Blaque is.

Dr. Perret currently resides in France with his wife, Valerie.


- Jean Cocteau

- Leonardo da Vinci

- Jean Luc Godard

- Jean-Jacques Annaud

Please contact him for inquiries and request.

Dr. Xavier Perret is a French artist and physician who grew up in United States and France. Perret’s work explore the relationship between photography and motion pictures, life and the perception of magic. He has been at various times in his career working for the prestigious Oceanographic Museum of Monaco. Also recognized as filmmaker and magician, Xavier Perret produces a huge amount of creative material, either through amazing photography exhibitions, or within his short films featuring the art of conjuring.”

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