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Faris Hermiz

Los Angeles - Etas Unis


I am an architect currently working in the fields of architecture, 3D animation and visualization. After working for more than 5 years for Frank O. Gehry as a design team member and 3D BIM Coordinator, I have bridged the divide to the world of feature film and commercial Pre-Vis and architectural visualization.


Du 05/2014 au 09/2014

3D Virtual Art Department

Disney's Jungle Book - Digital Domain

I am responsible for low poly environment creation and character creation for the virtual capture pipeline for Disney's Jungle Book feature film.

Du 03/2014 au 05/2014

3D Generalist Artist

Orbit - The Cavalry FX

I was responsible for 3D character creation and character/camera animation, for this trailer for a speculative Sci-Fi movie.

Du 01/2014 au 03/2014

Pre-Vis Artist

Terminator 5 - The Cavalry FX

I created characters, assets, did character animation and camera animation for feature film Pre-Vis.

Du 06/2013 au 12/2013

Pre-Vis Artist

The Hunger Games - Mocking Jay, The Cavalry FX.

Pre-Vis artist at The Cavalry FX for the final two sequels in the Hunger Games series. Responsible for environments creation, characters, character animation and camera animation.

Du 12/2012 au 06/2013

Pre-Vis Artist

Feature Film Pre-Vis Artist at MPC Los Angeles.

Pre-Vis Artist on upcoming major feature film project.

Du 09/2012 au 12/2012

Pre-Vis Artist

The Amazing Spider Man 2, at The Cavalry FX.

Pre-Vis artist on feature film The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Responsible for environments creation, characters, character animation and camera animation.

Du 05/2012 au 06/2012

Pre-Vis Artist

Disney's Maleficent - Pre-Vis, at The Third Floor, Inc.

Pre-Vis artist responsible for character animation and shot creation on Disney's feature film Maleficent.

Du 09/2011 au 10/2011

Post-Vis Artist

Life of Pi - Post-Vis, at Halon Entertainment.

Du 07/2011 au 09/2012

Pre-Vis Artist

Pre-Vis Artist, at Proof Inc.

Pre-Vis artist for numerous feature films and commercial projects including: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Captain America: Winter Soldier, Fast and the Furious 6, The Amazing Spider-Man, R.I.P.D.

Du 09/2008 au 09/2011

Pre-Vis Artist

Pre-Vis / Post-Vis Artist, at Pixel Liberation Front.

Pre-Vis & Post-Vis artist for numerous feature films and commercials including :
Superman: The Man of Steel, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Green Lantern

Du 01/2003 au 09/2008


Architect at Frank O. Gehry & Assoc.

3D B.I.M project lead for hotel in Moscow, Exterior Facade team member for Beekman Tower in NYC, design team member for numerous projects.

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Du 01/2002 au 09/2002

Universitat Internacional de Catalunya
Parametric Architecture Studio

Du 09/2000 au 01/2003

Southern California Institute of Architecture
Masters of Architecture, Architecture
2000 – 2003

Du 09/1994 au 06/1998

University of Michigan
B.S. in Architecture, Architecture

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